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In Sri Lanka, it is practiced in harmony with Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine, which evolved from the prehistoric eras and currently regarded as Sri Lanka Ayurveda, with a distinct identity, different from Indian Ayurveda.

The meaning of Ayurveda is derived from the two words (Ayuh) life and (Veda) science or knowledge; hence it is a science of living.

Ayurveda treats not the symptoms of a disease but its root causes. It helps people to strengthen the immune system by treating the body, mind, and spirit of a person as a whole. It works under the philosophy that mind and body are connected to each other and thus to cure any disease when both these aspects are taken. It concerns the unique healing practices accepted in Buddhist philosophy as well as in other religions.     

Sri Lankan Ayurveda offers tailor-made treatment packages (14/21/30…or more days of continuous treatment programs) with yoga, meditation, and other spiritual activities in luxurious Ayurveda resorts and hospitals.

Experience a soothing massage delivered by our experts in Ayurveda, specifically designed to detoxify your body, mind, and soul and release all your stress at once!

In addition, we also facilitate the opportunity to involve in meditation and yoga and bring your body and mind to a complete state of serenity.